Grassy Key Outpost An island market and grill


Wish you were here… Grassy Key Outpost is the go-to oasis in the middle Keys. Its home at mile marker 58 has been a famed stopping point for Miami to Key West travelers seeking a friendly place to stop for meal, for a rest, for a respite— for generations. Come in and discover a place that echoes a long, golden era in Florida Keys; a simpler place in time when locals and visitors sat a counter, talked fishing over расписание матчей лиги уефа good food and cold beer, picked up вязание спицами рисунки с описанием узора lunch for a day on the water, or on the road, and ordered a home-cooked meal while listening to fish tales and stories of the islands’ colorful past.

History… The Outpost’s locale has hosted luminaries including famed angler Zane Grey, President Truman, and Jimmy Buffett. We still feature the good things they loved: handcrafted delicious food, an follow site island market brimming with provisions and a welcoming atmosphere. enter site Grassy Key Outpost is the near-Marathon dining, drinking, market shopping, must-stop spot you’ve been seeking. We like to think that if Zane Grey were cruising down the Keys today he would love it here. We know you will.

Wish you were here,
Matt and Carolyn Anthony
& The Crew of Grassy Key Outpost


Grassy Key Dairy Bar - Then Grassy Key Outpost - Circa 2013

     Grassy Key Outpost


     MM 58 Oceanside on Grassy Key


     Marathon, FL  33050