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Ben Lovejoy. Guilherme Rambo. The new app will have the same features of the two existing apps, but combined into a single app, which will be available on both iOS and on macOS , as a Marzipan app. Google has just solved that problem by bringing its Trusted Contacts app to iPhone.



All about Find My Friends

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Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. It only takes a minute to sign up. I would like to access " Find My Friends " from the desktop. Also, is there an API available? I'd like to write code to monitor a person's location over time. If you want a bigger screen view, you might want to consider using Find My Friends on iCloud. On macOS, both the existing native options were not resizable i. The first time you launch it, you will need to sign in to your icloud account, but from then on, launching the app feels pretty native.

Am not associated with fluidapp in any way. I am unaware of the implication of an 'always-on' find my friends on the battery life of the device being tracked, but something to bear in mind. The only caveat is that fluid apps don't seem have a location API , so your location will not be visible on the map this wasn't an issue for me since without copious amount of spirits, I usually know where I am :. This is a helper app which creates SSBs based on Chrome whereas the above, fluidapp, is based on Safari.

I created the following SSB using epichrome:. FluidApp's app paid version has a very nice 'Pin to Statusbar' feature, which is a deal clincher for me especially since I did not care about 2 and with this feature 1 becomes moot since the application is 'always-on'.

I also find this useful since then 'Find my Friends' does not clutter the task switcher. As you can probably tell, I chose FluidApp for 3 and am quite happy with it, but this is not to say that EpiChrome is less useful, specially when you need features only present in a full fledged browser such as 2. On MacOS Such an API would be a major privacy issue. Your positions are tacked onto a map. I can use the "Find My iPhone" app in iCloud to view the location of my laptop and desktop.

Isn't "Find My Friends" basically the same thing except you are getting permission to see their devices. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 9 months ago. Active 1 year, 3 months ago. Viewed 90k times.

Well said. Active Oldest Votes. Ashutosh Jindal Ashutosh Jindal 6 6 bronze badges. Well this is an unexpected development! You can also share screens via "Details" as well, from the desktop Messages app. David V David V 3 3 bronze badges. How would an API be more of a privacy issue than the app already is? Presumably you trust them enough to not do anything harmful with that information, and you don't expect them to be watching your every move and making a map of where you have been.

However, if there were an API or SDK, then you open yourself to app developers tracking your movements when your friends' install their apps. I'm sure that you can totally do what you describe above with a rooted iOS device and an app that watches the other apps.

Ruskes Ruskes In the absence of cellular service they, like a Mac, can triangulate their position from Wi-Fi signals. Norm Shea Norm Shea Why not ask them for their bank login details too, while you're at it. The Overflow Blog. Ensuring backwards compatibility in distributed systems. Featured on Meta. Linked 5. Related 8. Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Ask Different works best with JavaScript enabled.

Find My Friends

The combined app offers what we are used to from each one of these individual apps, but introduces new tools based on Bluetooth. The ideas is that it will use low energy Bluetooth signals to help bring people together with lost things. The computer will continue to send low energy Bluetooth signals which can be picked up by any nearby Apple device.

Users of Apple's service that helps keep tabs on friends and family members makes its way to your computer. Originally spotted by 9to5Mac , the addition brings the feature to computers for the first time. With the release of iOS 9, Apple included has included the Find My Friends app in the operating system, instead of making it an optional install as it has in the past.

We are looking forward to helping you with your questions. To start a new ticket or ask a question put in as many details as possible below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you want to check on the status of an existing ticket you can check that here by entering your Last name and Ticket number. Although there are legitimate concerns about sharing your location willy-nilly, Find My Friends gives everyone full control over what they share, making it truly helpful for families and close friends. In their conversation, tap the i button, tap Share My Location, and in the popover that appears, tap Share Indefinitely.

Find My Friends on Your MacBook with El Capitan

Zac Hall. Find hidden junk, large old folders, unused apps, and heavy memory consumers. You can also use CleanMyMac X to remove malware, unwanted pop-ups, and virus extensions. Upgrade to macOS Catalina or setting up a new Mac? Look for the green circle icon with the blue radar wave. The checkbox will toggle your data in the Find My app on and off. You can also select options to see Mac-specific feature permissions:. Type in their contact name, email, or phone number, then they can respond to your invitation and optionally share their location back. It can be very useful for coordinating with your closest friends and family, however, and you can always control when and how your location is shared.

Set up and use Find My Friends

Find My Friends is available as a widget on the Mac within Notification Center, allowing users to see a list and location of their friends and family who have chosen to share their location with them. This has many practical applications, but parents, close friends, and partners will likely find it to be most useful. Wait a moment or two and the location information will show up in the Find My Friends widget in Mac OS X, which you can then click on to see a map or other information about the persons location. Here are some things you can do within the widget:.

Find My Friends was not the first location-sharing app when it was introduced in , but by being a first-party solution, it saw incredibly widespread support. Find My iPhone first launched as a MobileMe service in , and became a free iCloud service in

Set up the Find My app and turn on Find My [device] to get started. Then turn on Share My Location. Location sharing isn't supported in South Korea and might be unavailable in other regions due to local laws. With the Find My Friends app on iCloud.

Find My: How to use Apple’s new all-in-one app to find friends and devices

If you use the Find My Friends app, you will have noticed the orange icon with the two people side-by-side has vanished from your home screen. Both are now within a new app called 'Find My'. The Find My app has a grey background with a green circle and the blue location circle in the centre.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. It only takes a minute to sign up. I would like to access " Find My Friends " from the desktop. Also, is there an API available?

How to Use Find My Friends on a Mac

It was replaced by the app Find My in The app allowed a person approved by the user, who also had to have an Apple device, to access the GPS location of the user's Apple mobile device. The app could be used to track children, family, and friends, besides others such as employees, without them being notified that they are being tracked. The app could also track the location of a person as a safety measure. The Find My Friends app enabled a person approved by a user to follow and track them with their iOS device s. According to Apple, there was a maximum of trackers "friends". The tracker could also receive notifications when the user left or arrived at a new place.

Oct 22, - When OS X El Capitan launched, Apple also included a Find My Friends Today widget for Mac users. The addition of Find My Friends to.

New to macOS Catalina? Here's how you can set up and use the new Find My app to keep track of devices and friends under one roof. It makes more sense now that 'finding' should be done under one roof and getting used to the new Find My app is a piece of cake.

El Capitan: Seeing "Find My Friends" on Your Mac







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