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Get down girl meaning

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Does "get down" mean something sexual?

Hi, Diana! I ran into a couple of questions when I was listening to a song called "Get Down" which sung by Backstreet Boys. Well, the thing is, it seems some words in the lyrics are related to sexual terms. I am not sure though, since I am not a native speaker.

That is why I want to know what these words mean exactly; what they are singing about exactly. Well, I posted my question about this song at UsingEnglish. I am going crazy!! I do not know where I can ask these questions, as I said, I just want to know what the singer is singing about. I don't mean to learn these kinds of words. So, I figure, may I ask you these questions personally, Diana? If you do not mind I know what it feels like to sing along to a song and not know exactly what you are saying.

Sometimes it can be quite embarrassing. I want to keep my website a friendly and clean place so thankfully this song is not extremely explicit. So, to answer your question; Yes, the song is sexually orientated, but not explicitly.

They don't mention anything directly but you can understand what they are speaking about if you understand what "get down" usually refers to. What does "get down" mean? There are two meanings that apply to the song. If you want to keep it innocent you could assume the song is talking about dancing, but it is most likely talking about having sex.

Are there any other parts that are specifically confusing you? I posted this YouTube video below so that you can read the lyrics and hear the song at the same time. I hope that answers your question Presl, if you have more questions about the song, just post a comment below. Click here to add your own comments. In the future, if you like, I could help you understand the song you are studying. Just send me a message and I could prepare an exercise for that song.

Have you visited the music section of my site? I know it is small with only a couple songs on it, but I would love to add more. I am glad to help! To answer your questions: Slam and Bang can have sexual meanings like you found at Urban Dictionary but in the context of the song it doesn't really fit.

I think what the Backstreet Boys are doing with this song is using sexual vocabulary to describe dancing. It is sort of a trick because it makes to think of sexual things, but then when you look closer you can't quite find the examples that work. Slam and bang , in the context of the song, seem to refer more to the sounds of the music, now that I look at it closer. I think Tracy L has a good point. Basically the guys are inviting the girls to "bust a move" on the dance floor.

Their invitation to dance sure does have a sexual undertone to it though doesn't it?. As for Slap it up, flip it I think the Urban Dictionary definition that you found for the full version is pretty accurate. So my final point about the song is that it is singing about dancing, but I think dancing is basically a metaphor for sex.

It is a sneaky way for the Backstreet Boys to remain "innocent and good", while talking about "big boy" stuff like sex. I hope that helps Presl. I also got your feedback and I am going to send you an email. I just wanted to warn visitors so that they were not surprised when they visited Urban Dictionary. I was pretty glad to see your message! Your answer makes sense to me. It turns out that my intuition about this song was correct.

Here is the question that I asked. I agree with you that, that "get down" here doesn't simply mean "to dance", and this song IS a little sexual. I did not mean to listen to some kind of song like this, I just thought it is a hit song and it is pretty melodious, so I was trying to use it as a intensive listening material to improve my listening skills. Okay, Diana, I have two quesitons for you. Since this song is a bit sexual, in the rest of the lyrics, what does the term "bang" mean?

See definition at Urban Dictionary. Diana, I could not find the definition for this "smack it up, flip it"? Well, I do not know what to say to you, just, thank you, Diana. Thanks for answering my question! Because, if I were in the U. I think that would be a lot easier and more comfortable to discuss something like this, but, unfortunately, I am in Beijing right now, and I could not figure out where to ask. To ask my teacher??

If the terms in this lyrics do have a connection to sex, I thought she is going to beat me up!! So, Diana, thank you!!!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!! Still looking? Search the site for exactly what you need using the site search box below. Praise I have to say that "I am impressed".

Your explanations and way of teaching is immaculate. I really admire you for what you have been doing Diana. You are an amazing person! Diana you are very kind! Thank you for all of your information.

My English has really improved. I would like to tell you how grateful I am for your lovely website and your way of motivating people to learn or improve English. Every month I get the learning English newsletter and it helps me improve my English. Learn English Home. Learn English Blog. Learn English Newsletter. Free 7 week course. ESL Store. What is Solo Build It? Affiliate Program. Contact me. Table of Contents. Search for it. About Diana. Diana Tower. All Rights Reserved. Does "get down" mean something sexual?

Apr 11, Support by: presl You put a lot of effort into your site for us. Thank you! Nice work! I like it! If you did not get it, let me know, I will send it to you again. Apr 10, Support by: presl I see something new was added to the website today!

Well done, Diana! Keep going! Our support is always for you! You are probably talking about the new toolbar! I think it is a wonderful way for everyone to stay updated about the website AND I added a radio to the toolbar as well.

Download the website toolbar for Firefox or Explorer today! Apr 09, : by: presl Diana, I will!

Definition of down

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Last edited on Oct 25 I am definitely down with that chick. She's a hottie!

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go down on somebody

Top definition. I come up hard. I come up, gettin' down. Get down unknown. During the disco and funk era, in many venues the dance floor was often located below the seating area, so to "get down" was to go down to the dance floor. Originally meant in reference to dancing, eventually leading to sexual implications. However, it also means "to be cool with".

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Hi, Diana! I ran into a couple of questions when I was listening to a song called "Get Down" which sung by Backstreet Boys.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. English Language Learners Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for speakers of other languages learning English. It only takes a minute to sign up. When watching movies I often heard the women in the movies said "I like him to get down on me". OK, so there are two possible phrases and you can pick whichever you think it means based on context:.


go down on somebody meaning, definition, what is go down on somebody: to touch someone's sexual organs with th: Learn more.








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