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Girl meets world riley sick fanfiction

That, everyone was grateful for. But Lucas was worried. Maya always showed up at school, even when she was sick. He decided to drop by her house after school to check up on her. The end of the day could not come fast enough for the worried boyfriend. In response, Maya just hit his arm.

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Girl Meets World Fanfics — Sick Days (lucaya)

I apologize. Hope you all like it:. The gang, along with the rest of their high school history class, had just arrived at a ski lodge in Connecticut for their first weekend filed trip of high school. This is a weekend away from school. Smackle nodded eagerly. Speaking of which, where is the other half of the triangle? Maya gave her a dirty look.

We should talk to them tonight. In front of the fireplace. It would be so romantic. You, me, Lucas and a fire. Lucas chooses. No triangle. One of you heartbroken, Simple.

There was a silence while Smackle was trying to figure out why the two girls both looked sick. There was a knock at the door and it was Farkle asking the girls if they wanted to go out on the ski slopes. As the gang was about to leave, someone came into their lodge who was an unexpected guest. He even gave me enough money for another steak dinner. Josh, remember me Lucas Friar. The country kid from game night. Where are my manners. Friends, this is my uncle Josh. This is her first time trying to ski and I - achoo!

I - achoo! We should go back inside. Soon Lucas came back with a box of tissues and some hot cocoa. Maya gave him a look and he understood. This decision is something that should be decided between me and the girl. Maya can I just say, no matter what, you will always be my blond beauty and you are the most beautiful, caring…. Riley will understand. Lucas got Maya settled on the couch by the fire and set the tissues on her lap.

Before Lucas could sit next to her, he got a text from Farkle and left. Maya was sitting by herself, looking at the snow falling. Just then the door opened and it was Josh. It seemed like Riley was having fun with her friends without her uncle hanging around. So when did she start dating Farkle? Maya was very surprised by that question. Just uh - achoo! Just fine. She always imagined him being concerned over her but never in this fashion. Hart, you have the flu and I wonder why did you come to a ski lodge of all places?

Maya said. But now we have to be together for a whole weekend. Just then the door opened and both Lucas and Farkle were carrying Riley, who from the looks of it, sprained her ankle. What happened!

What about you? How ya feelin? Maya Hart, you did not tell me the truth that fateful car wash day. I want to go. Like today at the slope, you spent all your time with me instead of Smackle. I wanted it to be worth your wild. To have a good time? There was a silence. See whataboutmaya's whole Tumblr.


It had been a hell week at school for Riley. It was midterms so all of her teachers had loaded her down with work. Most of her teachers were doing mid-term projects instead of tests. For this Riley was partly grateful because she had never been good at tests. But she really cared about her projects and wanted to do a good job.

At the sound of Lucas' name, Riley perked up, just then noticing his absence. Matthews was shuffling his notes - he actually prepared for these little life lessons?

I apologize. Hope you all like it:. The gang, along with the rest of their high school history class, had just arrived at a ski lodge in Connecticut for their first weekend filed trip of high school. This is a weekend away from school.

Hello, my fellow readers. This is about Lucas visiting a sick Riley after school and takes care of her. Rated K for a lot of Rucas cuteness. It was a typical Monday morning as Maya climbed through the window to get Riley up for school. The blonde began to notice her best friend lying in bed in her pajamas and began to wonder why is she still lying in bed. Is she being bullied again? Or is she faking an illness just to avoid another quiz given from her father. No, no, no. Riley, you can't do this. Not this time.

Riley was sick, and she's not afraid to admit it. She's always been the more open one of the two. Maya sat on the edge of her bed, watching over her. She leaned over and lightly felt Riley's forehead, which, of course, was hot to the touch.

Here goes nothing!

Hey y'all so I'm just posting this as a long one shot. It was originally supposed to be broken into about 4 parts. I debated with myself multiple times over if I thought it was good enough to post before finally I'm just going to post it quickly and hide :P As for those of you who were following my other story "The New Life Of Melody Pond" I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to adding the final chapters.

Maya Hart never got sick. She swung open the door to see the family sitting down for breakfast. After all the Matthews left, she finally closed her eyes to get some sleep. He looks around at the empty house.

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Story Author Community Forum. Sequel to "Endings, Beginnings, and the Journey in Between," following Lucas and Maya, as they return to Austin after graduating college and move into their house. Maya and Lucas, in their second year of college, find their future plans forced to change with the discovery that they are expecting Updating weekly every Monday. Follow Riley's and Lucas' journey through a toxic relationship. A dancer, a singer, a songwriter, a director, and an actress.

This is not the story about Riley having mono. That will be up sometime soon, I promise. Please tell me what you think. Love reading all of your comments! It was a typical morning as Riley rolled outta bed, but this morning she didn't feel much better than she felt the night before. The clock on her nightstand read , she quickly got dress and headed downstairs.

Aug 15, - Maya obviously knew she was sick and she's willing to help. Last week, Maya was the sick one Riley took really good care of her. Now, it was her.

The whole way to Riley's apartment, Maya tried to make sense of the whole situation. Why was her best friend drunk? Did it happen at the party?







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