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Greet your classmates and teacher using the sentences given below. Good morning. I am glad to see you! How are you? I wish you good luck this school year.

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Англійська мова English 6 Сірик

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Greet your classmates and teacher using the sentences given below. Good morning. I am glad to see you! How are you? I wish you good luck this school year. I want to wish you to be healthy and happy. I wish you every success and good health!

May all your dreams come true! I wish you all happiness in the world! I wish you good luck. All the best! Thank you, the same to you. Match the school subjects with their description. Say what subjects you will study in the 10th form. Can you add any more? Say what he wants to be in the future. Say which words Denis uses in his speech.

Write them down into your exercise book and make the sentences with them. Use questions given below. All citizens of Ukraine have the right to education. The educational system in our country includes pre school education, secondary education general or vocational education and higher education.

Pre school education consists of kindergartens. Children learn to paint, draw and count there. Compulsory education is for children from 6 7 to 18 years of age.

The main link in the system of education is the general secondary school. Children start school at the age of 6 and leave it at There are various types of schools: general secondary schools, colleges, so called lyceums, gymnasia and so on. The term of study in a general secondary school is 12 years and it consists of primary, middle and upper stages. The first stage of education is a primary school for grades 1 through 4. The second stage middle is a secondary school for grades 5 through 9.

At the middle stage of a secondary school the children get the basic knowledge about nature and society at the lessons of History, Algebra, Literature, Physics and many other subjects. After the 9th form pupils can either continue to attend the same school high school — grades 10—12 or enter a vocational school or a trade school.

At vocational and trade schools young people can master a number of useful skills for example, those of a technical or a computer operator. Those who leave the general secondary school and vocational or trade school receive the school living certificate. Then they have the right to pass standardized tests and enter higher educa tional institutions — universities. School life is the most beautiful time of our life.

Let me tell you about my favourite subject. I like … most of all. My favourite subject is … My favourite subjects are … I want to enter …. I want to be … in the future.

We … at the lessons of …. Speaking skills. Talk about your favourite school subjects. Use the sentences and word combinations given below. Describe the photo given below. Say what school subject it is. Use the words and sentences: I see… in the picture. He is This is…. They are A teacher, pupils, a classroom, the lesson of Work in pairs. Use the general ques tions only. For example: P1: Do we play football at these lessons? P1: Do we do the experiments at these lessons?

P2: Yes, we do. P1: Do we study the structure of substances at these lessons? P1: Is it a lesson of Chemistry? P2: Yes, it is. You are right. Start like this: Knowledge is the facts, skills and understanding that you gain through learning or experience. Finish your report with one of the sayings given below. A book that contains information about a subject that people study. A school thing for writing or drawing with ink.

A substance used for joining things together. A container for keeping papers, albums, exercise books in. A wooden school thing, used for writing or drawing, containing a thin stick of a black or coloured substance. A piece of furniture like a table, which you sit at to write and work at school. Small sticks of a white or coloured substance, used for writing or drawing on the blackboard. Look at the picture and choose the words adjectives to describe it.

Can you think any more adjectives which describe weather? It is Say which photo she is describing. Say which words she uses in her report. Write them down into your exercise book. The climate of Ukraine Ukraine is situated in the south eastern part of Central Europe. The climate of the country is moderate. Winter is rather mild, with no severe frosts but with regular snowfalls everywhere except the south. The rivers and lakes freeze in winter.

The days are usually sunny in Ukraine, typically to days during the year. The Carpathian and the Crimean mountain ranges protect the Trans Carpathia and the Black Sea Coast of Crimea from cold masses of arctic air coming from the north. The average winter temperature varies from 8 to 15 degrees below zero in the north and from 0 to 5 degrees above zero in the south.

But sometimes the temperature falls to 25 degrees below zero in the north part of the country in winter. The warm sunny spring days come at the end of March. The snow and ice melt therefore the fertile black soil is well watered in spring. Average summer temperature is about 25 degrees above zero; some times it reaches over 35 degrees above zero during the day.

Summer is quite hot and dry, with occasional showers and thunderstorms. It often rains in Ukraine in autumn. Sometimes it snows at the end of October.

But the climate is different in different parts of Ukraine. The north and the north east regions are the coldest. The warmest region of Ukraine is the Southern Coast of Crimea with temperatures reaching 39 degrees above zero in summer; however pleasant sea breezes soften the heat.

The climate of Ukraine enable Ukrainians to grow various kinds of agricultural plants in different regions of the country. Read the text and say 5 10 sentences about any season in Ukraine. Talk about the weather this summer. Say where you spent your summer holidays. Start with: Let me say a few words about the weather this summer. I spent my summer holidays It is situated

Англійська мова English 6 Сірик

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For three months, Slovyansk's city-hall chamber had served as the nerve center for pro-Russian separatists. Vyacheslav Ponomaryov, the self-declared "people's mayor," used its small chamber as a personal soapbox from where he would denounce what he called the "junta" in Kyiv. And the building's dank basement served as a virtual cell to detain hostages.

We welcome you! He is the personality type that can laugh at and not take himself very seriously. The interview started out in a very comical way, and by the look of these two, you would never expect to shift to the profound thoughts heard over the hour and a half that I was there. How did you create the name Huckle Buckle Boys? ZACK: The definition of that is to explain what we are and.

Slovyansk: A City Liberated From Separatists, But Badly Wounded

So, the intuition is a t test which accommodates more than two groups to compare. For example, when you want to compare user performance of three interaction techniques, ANOVA is one of the methods you want to consider. I don't think I fully understand it yet. It is not like it is impossible, but it is very complicated, and you may have to have some knowledge about linear models and manipulations for these in R. But if you have time, I recommend you to read a statistics book to understand ANOVA and to double-check what I am saying here as well as this page. There is one clear reason why we cannot use multiple t test instead of ANOVA for saying whether a factor which has more than two groups e. Let's say, you have Technique A, Technique B, and Technique C, and you have measured performance time of these three techniques. What you want to know here is whether these techniques have a significant effect on performance time, that is whether there exists at least one significant difference in performance time against the techniques. In other words, your null hypothesis is that there is no significant difference in the means among three techniques.


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This thread consists of a list of rescues to speak to I live in South Africa. Our winters are delicate and summers are heat, so our homes aren crafted for winter. I often sporting like six or seven levels of clothing inside your home in winter season, as we don use a central heating method and with tiled floors and large windows, a heater doesn support much. I put one of those small heating pads you employ for just a snake, around the floor of his cage to keep him heat during the night.

The Man with the Poison Gun: A Cold War Spy Story

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Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) for comparing the means

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