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Active topics Unanswered topics. You must login or register to post a reply. Topic RSS feed. And in Live and Let Die uses a morse key hidden in his hair brush. No idea who he was signalling to!

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This is a list of VeggieTales original videos. In the first segment, Tales from the Crisper , Junior Asparagus is watching a Frankencelery movie before being told by his mother that he needs to go to bed and says the movie is too scary for him.

Junior denies this as he goes upstairs, but when he imagines his family portrait is full of monsters, he runs to his room scared. Bob and Larry drop in and comfort Junior in song about how he does not need to be afraid because God is watching out for him and He is bigger than anything.

Junior is then confronted by Frankencelery who reveals that he is really just an actor named Phil Winkelstein from Toledo, Ohio, United States. Junior is then convinced and sings that "God is bigger" and after Bob, Larry, and Phil leave, Junior's dad comes to tuck Junior in.

The pair then discuss how God takes care of them, that Junior needs to be more careful about what he watches in the future, and it's okay to tell his parents if he's scared. Vischer also serves as the animator of this segment, along with Robert Ellis and Chris Olsen. The second segment is the story of Daniel and the Lions' Den. The setting is the Middle East in the year BC. King Darius Archibald Asparagus is in his court with his Wisemen The Scallions when he confides that he has had a nightmare and wants help with what it means.

The Wisemen cannot figure out the answer, but Daniel Larry the Cucumber arrives and correctly interprets the dream. Impressed, Darius then promotes Daniel as his second-in-command. However, the Wisemen become envious and trick Darius into creating a law that says his subjects can only pray to him. Soon after, the Wisemen catch Daniel praying to God and throw him into the Lions' Den in accordance with the law.

Daniel hears the growling lions and is afraid, but an angel comforts him reminding him that God is with him. Meanwhile, the Wisemen celebrate their supposed victory and Darius spends a restless night praying that Daniel's God is protecting him. The next day, Darius runs to the Lions' Den and finds Daniel alive and well. Darius changes the law so that everybody must pray only to Daniel's God and turns to punish the scheming Wisemen, who subsequently quit their jobs and flee.

In the first segment, Pa Grape is the father of a family of cranky hillbilly grapes, The Grapes of Wrath, who regularly name-call and insult others and each other. Junior is then rescued by his dad Dad Asparagus who explains to The Grapes that it is not nice to pick on people and Junior forgives them at his dad's urging.

But afterwards, the Grapes send Junior flying into the sandbox. Junior is reluctant to forgive them again, so Bob and Larry try to figure out how many times one should forgive and Qwerty shows the verse, Matthew 18 "Jesus answered 'I tell you not seven times, but seventy times seven. The second segment is "Larry's Lagoon," a spoof of the television series Gilligan's Island. In this story, Larry Gilligan daydreams, causing a ship filled with passengers to crash on a deserted island.

Due to this accident, the passengers hold a grudge against Larry, despite his apology, which causes him to run away. However, Bob The Skipper realizes the error of their ways and the group forgives Larry for stranding them.

A palm tree named Palmy appears and congratulates everyone for their forgiveness, reminding them how important it is. The shipmates are finally able to escape the island on a bamboo helicopter cobbled together by The Professor Dad Asparagus. In the first story, which is an adaptation of the Parable of the Good Samaritan , Larry the Cucumber lives in Flibber-o-loo, where everybody wears shoes on their heads.

Junior Asparagus lives in Jibber-de-Lot where everyone wears pots on their heads. For days, the two cities have flung headgear at each other over a disagreement on whose is best. Upon leaving, Larry is attacked by bandits The Scallions who rob and bury him in the ground.

Both the mayor of Flibber-o-loo Archibald Asparagus and a Flibbian doctor Archibald's wife come upon Larry, but claim to be too busy to help. Soon after, Junior comes along and helps Larry out of the ground, despite the differences of their people. After seeing the kind act of a supposed enemy, the mayor concludes that everyone should help each other, no matter how different they are. The disagreement ends and the two cities instead throw candy and flowers at each other.

In the second story, Junior Asparagus tells Dad Asparagus that he is not going to invite a new kid, Fernando, to his birthday party because he thinks that the boy is weird. Bob and Larry arrive in their small space ship and take Junior to the Starship Applepies, having discovered the ship is in the path of a giant meteor. Upon arriving, they discover that the power to the ship is out.

While Scooter Carrot , the ship's engineer, frantically works to fix the ship's engines, Junior suggests that two new crew members Jimmy and Jerry Gourd can help save the ship when Scooter tells him that the meteor is made of popcorn.

Rocketed into space, Jimmy and Jerry eat the meteor before it can collide with the ship. Junior celebrates with the crew before being taken home by Bob and Larry, where he tells his Dad that he has reconsidered and will invite Fernando to his party despite how different he is. Bob and Larry then come back looking for the freeway, to which Junior gives them directions.

The story is an adaption of the biblical story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego told by Grandpa George and takes place at the Nezzer Chocolate Factory where the employees work hard all day making chocolate bunnies on an assembly line.

In celebration of selling their two-millionth chocolate bunny, Mr. Nezzer announces that for 30 minutes all employees may eat all the bunnies they want.

While all other workers ravenously devour the chocolate, Shack Junior Asparagus convinces his friends Rack Bob the Tomato and Benny Larry the Cucumber to abstain, reminding them that their parents taught them that too much candy is not healthy. He emphasizes his stance by singing a lullaby called "Think of Me" that his mom taught him.

When Mr. Nezzer leaves his office to discover all the workers sick except for Rack, Shack, and Benny, the three are rewarded and promoted to Junior Executives. The following day, Mr. Nezzer calls the trio into his office and informs them that he has constructed a foot high bunny which he intends to force all employees to sing the "Bunny Song" and bow down to.

To whomever sings the song, nothing in the world such as God, church, school, healthy food, and family is more important than the bunny. Those who object to the song will be deemed "bad bunnies", thrown into the factory's furnace, and burned to death. Later, at the statue's dedication ceremony, Mr.

Nezzer commands all of his workers to bow and sing The Bunny Song. However, Mr. Lunt notices that the trio are not bowing or singing. Nezzer confronts the trio, and with mounting frustration, orders them to sing. Eventually, the trio respond by instead singing "Think of Me" to protest. Nezzer is touched, but still orders their incineration, telling the guards to take them to the furnace. Meanwhile, Laura Carrot plans their rescue.

After Mr. Nezzer sends the trio down the garbage chute to the furnace, Laura rushes in and rescues them with her delivery truck. After attempting, but failing, to flee through the factory's ventilation system, a pair of mechanical arms, operated by Mr. Lunt, grab the truck to dump the trio into the furnace.

As Mr. Nezzer gloats at the three finally falling in, Mr. Lunt sees four people the trio and a shiny person inside, none of whom are being incinerated. Shocked, Mr. Nezzer tells the trio to come out and they emerge from the furnace unscathed. Nezzer realizes that it was God who saved the trio and, feeling guilty for his actions, apologizes to them, and the trio forgive him. Jimmy, Jerry, and Tom are constantly picking on Dave and making him do their bidding.

Jimmy, Jerry, Tom, and Dave run to volunteer, but Dave is stopped by Jesse who tells him that "big people do big things and little people do little things," forcing him to stay and tend the sheep alone. Dave then starts to wonder why little people cannot do big things. At King Saul's camp, the Israelites and the Philistines reach a compromise to end the war quickly: They will have their two greatest fighters face off with the champion determining who shall win the war.

Because the Philistines are small King Saul agrees, but he soon regrets this when the Philistines bring out the foot tall Goliath a giant pickle. This causes the Israelites to run away and hide. No one is willing to fight Goliath and the Israelites stall for forty days.

One day, Dave is sent to the camp to deliver food to his brothers and is ashamed at the sight of the Israelites hiding from the Philistines. King Saul is shocked and a little scared at first, but after Dave gives him some examples on how God can help kids make a difference, King Saul is impressed and grants Dave his request.

Dave then goes into battle armed with nothing but stones and a sling, while Goliath dons a pair of boxing gloves. However, the battle is short as Dave slings one of the stones at Goliath and strikes him between the eyes, knocking him out. The Philistines panic and run away, while the Israelites congratulate Dave for his victory and his faith.

Grandpa George In a role similar to S. In the story, Mr. Nezzer is the owner of a toy company who, via television commercial, is spreading the word of his newest toyline, "Buzz-Saw Louie," with a working buzz saw built into his right arm and a trigger in his nose that makes him tell kids to get more toys though due to the collapse of a bridge, delivery isn't available in Puggslyville.

After seeing the commercial, the kids of Dinkletown the town George claims he used to deliver mail to begin begging their parents for more toys. As Buzz-Saw Louie dolls roll off the production line, one of them inexplicably comes to life and escapes the factory to search for the true meaning of Christmas.

They happen upon the escaped Louie and offer to help him on his quest. They see Grandpa George, who reads the Nativity of Jesus from Luke and explains that the true meaning of Christmas is to give, not get. The Veggies and Louie are heartened by the news and are left wondering how to tell the rest of the people about the true meaning of Christmas before Christmas Day, and sneak into Mr.

Nezzer's TV studio. Upon beginning to broadcast their message, Mr. Nezzer discovers them and they are captured. While threatening to send them away tied up in a sled, Mr. Nezzer is interrupted by the families of Dinkletown, who intervene. Upon receiving a teddy bear for a gift, Mr.

Translation of "man who shares" in Russian

This is a list of VeggieTales original videos. In the first segment, Tales from the Crisper , Junior Asparagus is watching a Frankencelery movie before being told by his mother that he needs to go to bed and says the movie is too scary for him. Junior denies this as he goes upstairs, but when he imagines his family portrait is full of monsters, he runs to his room scared.

Where were you when I didn't need you? Strutter: Kind of obvious you weren't coming out front. Not even with that clever disguise you're wearing.

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Translation of "فرشاة شعري" in English

Susanna Reid posted a candid selfie showing her fans exactly what her bed head looks like as she revealed she forgot to bring a hairbrush to Hollywood. Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid has posted an unpretentious selfie showing her fans exactly what her hair looks like in the morning. Susanna, 49, smiled wryly into the camera, her make up expertly applied but her hair completely tangled as if she had just got out of bed. Applying a flattering greyscale filter to the selfie, Susanna wrote: "Forgot to bring a hairbrush. Hope no one notices. GMBOscars ".. Her messy hair certainly did put off her adoring fans, one of whom commented: "Still always stunning". Piers pulled out all the stops and flew first class to Hollywood while Susanna opted to "sit at the back of the plane in economy" on their way. He proved he is living the good life as he kicked his feet up in the swanky first class lounge of a British Airways flight on his was to Los Angeles.

Movie Review: LIVE AND LET DIE

Matt and Matt say goodbye to their favorite Bond. Joining them for this special episode is Brith. Death's resident Bond, Phil Nobile Jr. When referring to Coral Jr. Here are the averaged rankings you asked for assigning 7 points to the highest ranking and so on down :.

These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.

Results: Exact: 4. Elapsed time: ms.

Susanna Reid shares brutally honest selfie as she gets ready for the Oscars

Suspicious from the off, takes evasive action when, after a snake has infiltrated his bathroom, Rosie sneaks into his bedroom. Caught In The Act After the damsel discovers a voodoo warning on her bed, she insists that James Bond keep her company overnight. Profile A CIA agent posted to the lonely isle of San Monique , Carver is of a nervous disposition and one of 's least experienced allies. She is his willing guide of the island nation's hidden treasures and leads Bond to the location of Secret Service agent Baines' death, albeit secretively.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: meeting my real parents *emotional*

This flick not only had voodoo, but it is also directly tied to the blaxploitation era. Using a deck of cards to get the upper hand in a fight with Tee Hee inside the train. I have no clue what he was thinking. Best acting performance? Big is not only a menacing villain, but he has the style, intelligence and arrogance to match Bond. I mean it was a fun prank with the tarot cards, but he did kind of ruin her life too.

Mrs Hinch shares top tip for cleaning your hairbrush

The cleaning guru shows just how much dirt is lurking in your hairbrush. Mrs Hinch's latest daily hack is all about your hairbrush and how we should be cleaning it more often than we probably do. The top hairbrush tip, shared by Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs Hinch, is certainly an easy one we can all try during lockdown. Also suitable for combs and clips, the Instagram star who posts daily cleaning advice on her famous social media account, has also revealed just how gross the everyday item really can be. Mrs Hinch started by removing all the hair and then goes over the brush with a comb, to make sure it's all out, BirminghamMail reports. The next step is to run some hot but not boiling water in the sink and then put your brush or brushes into the water to soak. Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, then adds one tablespoon of washing up liquid and one tablespoon of white vinegar to the water.

Aug 14, - Later, Bond says to Rosie on the boat, "meet the man who shares my hairbrush." The same brush gadget turns up in a Tom Baker episode of  Bond Quotes — MI6 Community.

By Marianne Power for the Daily Mail. This is a terrible thing to admit, but I'm a beauty slob. I paint over chipped nail varnish, I shave only the parts of my leg that will be on show - and, on more than one occasion, I have sprayed perfume on a top rather than washing it.

[Women’s History Month] Meet Lydia Newman, inventor of an improved hairbrush







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