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What would i look like as an anime girl quiz

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You're the lead character, and it speaks for itself. Strong, brave and downright cool, everything as it should be. Scenarists gave you a tall and attractive look, you're the protagonist after all! Do you like the result? Then make sure to share the quiz with anime-loving friends :.

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What anime character are you?

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Which Anime Character Are You? Scroll To Start Quiz. Losing my family. Nothing and no one. Any and everything. Losing my cool. My kids and significant other.

My friends. My parents. Someone who is really smart. Someone who is really strong. Someone who is really quiet. If it's for fun, definitely. I sure do. I prefer to use my words over physical combat. I rather not engage anyone physically unless it is necessary.

Acknowledge their presence. Say something insulting. Get flustered. Nothing, I'm fine as long as they don't bother me. I'm myself no matter what. I show no weakness. I'm an open book. Comfortable and laid back. Pretty flashy. Whatever my mom recommends. Energy drinks. Go running. Lift more weights. You take it home and eventually look inside. You leave it and wait until someone discovers it.

You'd take it home and thoroughly examine it. You casually throw it with the rest of your books. Police detective. A trophy wife or husband. Professional chess player. You already have your dream job. I have a traditional family with a mother, father, and siblings. I don't have a family. I was adopted. I was orphaned at a young age. Apple trees. Gerbera daisies. Not really. I don't like to think so but it could happen.

Yes, I am completely gullible. If I thought I was guilty, yes. No, I'd flee the country. If they caught me, yes. Isn't the answer obvious? Friends and family. The right to follow my dreams. The prevention of the end of the world.

The planner. The daydreamer. The rebel. The naive one. Between zero and two. Either a three or four. Either a five or six. Either a seven or eight. Diet Coke. Everything on the menu. Nothing on the menu, I brought my own. Work at the job you love.

Try out new recipes. Hit the arcade. Attend extra classes at the local university. Something slow and soothing. Walk around with a newspaper on my head. Get inside fast! The rogue. The knight. The wizard. The princess. Anytime, so long no one finds out. Only white lies are okay. For the most part never, unless it might save someone's life.

It's never okay to lie. I go out of my way to help them. I'll help but always expect something in return. I just ignore them and walk on by. I'll help them but make a note to ask them for something in return later.

I usually work from behind the lines. I'd die, no doubt. I'd make it a competition between myself and a friend. I'd have no problems.

What do you look for in an anime girl? Quiz for male otaku who wanna know what type of anime girl they love the most. Curly, coloful, long, fluffy, adorable. Realistic Style, but it can be really colorful.

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating?

You have New Private Message s! Read Now. Miss Sadness Likes to be left aloun, hates people. Female, Europe Joined: 12 yrs, 5 mos ago Posts. My Results: Miss Sadness Likes to be left aloun, hates people.

What Would You Look Like As Anime/Manga? Quiz For Girls By Red ^^

Television anime , attack on titan , manga. When Titans show up at your doorstep, what do you do? Take our quiz and find out where you stand! Television anime , cartoons , character , hello kitty , japan , pop culture. You know Hello Kitty is a cat and that people are crazy about her. But does that make you a fan? Television anime , sailor moon. Lifestyle anime , nintendo , pokemon. Television anime , comics , naruto.

What would you look like in the Anime world? (girls only, srry) Pics at the end...

Skip to main content. Are you like Jessie from Toy Story, the grumpy old man in Up or something completely different? Find out now! What colour are your eyes? Green, like shiny peas.

Is it a bad place to be?

Please leave empty:. What color are your anime eyes? If you haven't found this out via a quiz, what color would you like them to be? What color is your anime hair?

What Disney Character Do I Look Like?

Ever wondered what you would look like as a anime girl? This quiz gives a discription of 4 looks! See if you will look fabulous in your anime style!


What Would Your Hair Look Like As An Anime Character?


"Anime" covers an enormous range of human (and inhuman!) Take the quiz to find out! Like us on Facebook! Find out "what anime character am I?".


What will you look like as an anime character?


[Quiz]What do you look like as an anime girl?






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