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When your guy best friend gets married

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People tend to get a little uncomfortable with the "marry your best friend" narrative. As a single woman, I think it was harder for me to reconcile my understanding of best friendship—which was closely akin to sisterhood—with my future husband. He might love fixing cars and you might love baking. With these essential differences, is it really fair for us to think of our husbands as our best friends? John Gottman, marriage expert and author of Why Marriages Succeed or Fail, would say that, yes, it is natural for your to think of your spouse as your best friend—it's really very important for your marriage, in fact.

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I got married and all of my guy friends disappeared

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By your late 20s, you'll have at least one friend of the gender s you're attracted to that's married. Because of the way we've been socially conditioned, we consider adult one-on-one time to be something that's reserved for people who are interested in each other in an intimate way.

But what if you want to have solo friend time with someone whose taken? No, you're not living a real life version of My Best Friend's Wedding. You're not in love with your friend, and you're not trying to break up their relationship. But at the same time, there's something about your friendship that starts to feel strange once they're married. There was never anything romantic between the two of you so you're both a little bit surprised by how the new marriage challenges the old dynamic.

Either that, or you're new friends and you're both a little bit defensive about each other and your relationship when brought into question. And while you both might be quick to say that you're not attracted to each other in that way, a part of you knows it doesn't matter. Your friendship raises questions with the people around you. So what do you do when you want to keep your friendship intact but worry you might be crossing lines? What do you want out of your friendship? Are you looking for a completely platonic partner to spend time with once in a while?

Or are you trying to get your friend to take time away from their relationship to give you time and to satisfy your ego? How do you see this friendship working out, logistically? Do you have a funny feeling that your friend might cross the line if given the opportunity? Are the two of you extra careful around each other because you know that with one drink too many you might act on some other feelings you have for each other that you don't acknowledge?

Just because you don't acknowledge it, doesn't mean it's not there. Are you playing with fire? Does a part of you want something inappropriate to happen? Do you feel like you know your friend better than their partner does and that gives you some sort of leeway, morally?

How would you feel if your own partner was engaged in a friendship like this? Would you be jealous? Think about how their partner feels when the two of you go out for drinks. Do they even know about your hang times? If you truly love your friend as only a friend, you'll do your best to embrace the person they love. Get to know this person, and let this person get to know you.

Maybe in the old days, it was just you and your friend on Tuesday Movie Night and that's the way you liked it. Well, things change and friendships evolve. Your friend's married now, so be the biggest person you can be and include their partner in your plans every once and a while.

If your friendship is pure, you won't mind. Even if your friend wants to hang out everyday, give them space. They might not know they need it, but their partner will appreciate it. You're not their life partner, you're just a friend, which means they need to have a private life with their life partner that doesn't include you.

Do not get involved in fights between your friend and their partner. Be a shoulder, be an ear, but do not go out of your way to bash you friend's partner.

If you have a legitimate concern, find a way to share it will eloquence and respect. You're adults now, you have to be careful with your words. If a part of you feels like there's always a subtext when the two of you are together, bring it up. Is it in your head?

Is your friend curious about you in a more-than-friendly way? Ignoring it won't make it less so. If your friendship isn't equally pure, it might not be worth fighting for. If you're really not sure if the two of you are crossing invisible or hard-to-see lines, ask. It might the scariest or most uncomfortable conversation you have, but you should both be adult enough to be honest with yourselves and with each other.

It's better to acknowledge an overstep than it is to keep overstepping without looking. You don't want to lose your friend. They mean so much to you, but you know in your gut if the friendship is not as innocent as the two of you say it is. You might not have physical urges, but emotionally, there's definitely some gray area that doesn't feel good on your conscience. It may be painful, and it may be hard, but some friendships are meant to end. Let it go if it feels wrong.

True friendships won't. Images: Giphy , FOX. Consider Your Intentions.

11 Rules For Maintaining Friendships With Married Guy Friends

Yep, wedding season is just around the corner. Your closest friends finally said yes to the men of their dreams. OMG, it finally happened.

When entering your mid-twenties, changes will begin happening throughout your social circle at a rapid-fire pace. Careers will be established, moving trucks will be packed to set forth across the country, and friends will begin to take new last names. There will be many engagement dinners and wedding receptions where you will be in attendance as just the date of their friend, or because of social courtesy for a co-worker.

Someone once told me that when a friend has good news, you're happy for them for about one second and then you start to think about your own life. And by "someone," I obviously mean an episode of How I Met Your Mother because that's where all my mediocre life advice comes from. Anyway, this happens a lot when wedding announcements , bachelorette party photos, and pregnancy announcements start infiltrating your news feed. Obviously, this is a pretty widespread phenomenon loathed by most people in their 20s and 30s.

25 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Gets Married

Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Sign up for The Complex Newsletter for breaking news, events, and unique stories. There was this guy I was best friends with all throughout college. We would hang out for eight-hour stretches, and lazily let the day pass by. Our friendship was pure; a true platonic relationship. No weird feelings hanging in the air between us. The two of us were a sampling from a larger friend group, the core of which was a slew of guys and me.

9 Surprising Ways Your Friendships Change After You’re Married

You laugh with grace and have a spunk that is contagious even in photographs. I noticed the tweets and the Facebook interaction between you two. I heard him say your name with respect. And to be honest, until you, I was the only one with that privilege. So, as I congratulate you both as you two take the next steps as a couple with the beautiful ring on your finger and as the excitement of the dreamy surprise engagement he planned perfectly for you dies down and wedding planning begins, I have a few things to say.

Tying the knot may be all about cementing your relationship with your mate -- but such a massive change can create ripples in all of your other relationships.

It's all part of "growing up," and -- whether you like it or not -- you'll be forced to keep up or risk getting left behind. Although, this doesn't make it any easier to accept the fact that you're growing old -- and watching all of your friends grow old with you doesn't always help either. Especially when you're a little behind the curve, so to speak. You can't help but be a little afraid that you'll keep putting off marriage, and the next thing you know, you're 35 with no one to date but hoarders and crazy cat ladies.

53 Thoughts A Guy Has When All Of His Friends Are Getting Engaged

By your late 20s, you'll have at least one friend of the gender s you're attracted to that's married. Because of the way we've been socially conditioned, we consider adult one-on-one time to be something that's reserved for people who are interested in each other in an intimate way. But what if you want to have solo friend time with someone whose taken?

We ve been friends since childhood and he knows me more than i know my self recently i fell in love with him, but hes committed to someone else. What do i do? Is it too late for me? Pls i need ur suggestions. I just cant get him of my mind.

When Your Best Friend Gets Married

I had confided in him that I was in two minds about my own relationship a couple of months ago and he had given some advice, but I got myself sorted with my boyfriend since. I was out a few weeks ago with my friend and a couple of other friends, and he started slagging me, saying that he had a few bachelors at the wedding for me. I ignored it. Anger and upset comes across in your letter, and this is no doubt due to your feeling forced into a position you never planned to find yourself in — that of the object of desire of a good friend — and you are now also faced with the possible loss of this close friendship. There are two questions: one about the wedding and another about your friendship and what you want to do about this. If you think this is a friendship worth having, then a conversation needs to be had between you two that is honest and upfront.

Aug 1, - But then there be the weddings that involve your childhood friends, the group of women who continue to share a deep friendship after surviving.








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