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Why does my boyfriend always finger me

Remember Me? Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: My boyfriend fingered me and I couldn't handle it. My boyfriend fingered me and I couldn't handle it LOL forgive the pun in the title.

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The Hottest Public Fingering Stories On Reddit (You’re Welcome)

I strive to be a good person. I realised this as I watched a play recently. Or at least wanting almost everyone to want to fuck you. In those days, a successful night was one in which I got clumsily dry-fingered by a boy in a weird shed that smelled like cheap hash. Today, success is supposed to look different. A plushy sofa. A garden without weeds. We still fucked. Harmful ideas. Disappointing conclusions. A nagging feeling that the proper, polite way to be sexy is in response to male attention, not in search of it.

It is a constant. If you have a nice boyfriend, I will probably think about him fingering me. A thought that flits through my mind frequently, and which I have in turns either dismissed outright or wallowed in for far too long as I beat myself up trying to come to terms with what it means about me as a person. This splurge of thoughts was prompted by the play Bridle. Because I saw a woman on stage talking very frankly about a whole bunch of sexually exciting things.

Not tittilating, or teasing, or doing what I do here — telling stories because you want people to get aroused. Just talking about sex. A bit fun, a bit boring, a bit half-arsed or fumbly or drunk or happy or casual. Who am I sexually? What do I really want? Or am I just a reasonably horny woman who enjoys the thrill of getting male acquaintances to fancy her?

I was fascinated by this play. Not women who use sex as a weapon, or a hook to ensnare a man, or who use sex as a means to escape some other problem. But we rarely see women doing the same thing. For women, sex is usually a means to an end.

Based not on a desire for someone but a need to drive plot. It just was. If this is a review, I should give it some stars. On my period, ridiculously horny, and about miles away from the guy I who I was playfully begging by message to finger me, I definitely found myself disappointing at the lack of men with sexy hands and long fingers who crossed my path today.

Another friend was deliberately typing his Facebook messages to me extra slowly, so I could see the oscillating dots in the bubble promising that a Facebook message is being written so the dots dance for a little bit longer, knowing I would be imagining his long fingers skillfully tapping at the keyboard. As always though, my horniness aside, a really interesting and well written blog post.

I deeply enjoy reading your writing about how it is ok as a woman to want sex, that we should talk about sex, and that some sex just is. Brilliantly written, as always. Sounds like this play kind of describes me too, in lots of ways.

I hope I get to see it sometime. I always feel a bit of shame afterward, but not nearly enough shame to stop me from having the fantasies! I do the same! I love reading stuff that makes me see things in a new light and gives me food for thought. Aurora x. Thank you! I had various thoughts on this blog. For some reason that makes me think of furniture…. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor I strive to be a good person.

But I also probably want your boyfriend to finger me. A kind-of review of the play Bridle I was fascinated by this play. Jadis says:. August 30, at pm. JB says:. The One says:. Jo says:. August 31, at am. Aurora Glory says:. August 31, at pm. Girl on the net says:. September 1, at pm. SpaceCaptainSmith says:. September 2, at am. The Quiet One says:. Cammies on the Floor says:. September 3, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

10 Fingering Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You

My Body. Why is it important for me to have a pap smear? But this time he used 3 fingers and pushed them up far and I started to bleed. What happened? Why did it do that?

Sexual Health. I thought it was kind of weird he asked if he could

Not that I was ever personally against it, but let's just say I get where both genders are coming from. That said, one nail biting, or should I say, nail clawing experience shouldn't be enough to make you give up on fingering. YOUR pleasure. Here are six men being blatantly honest about how they feel about fingering their women:. I think part of the reason is that subconsciously, we are trying to see if there's anything strange inside, such as herpes sores or the like.

What Guys REALLY Think About Using Their Fingers On You During Foreplay

Top definition. OK, yall already know what this is. What you really want is instructions on how to make her come back for more. If this is not you then go grow a dick. Get her all worked up , while making out is a great way to do this. Start kissing her down her neck-this is called necking- and slide your hand down her stomach and stick just the tips of your fingers under her waistband , leave them their for a few seconds so that you wont surprise her and have her freak out. Watch her reposnse at this point, if it is positive or negative , if positive go back to kissing the mouth, if negative you may want to reconsider.

Can You Get an Infection From Fingering or Oral Sex?

Ask Your Question today. We've only ever been caught once where this random old couple gave us dirty looks as I hit an orgasm, but we didn't care as we were so in to it, when we get too horny we finish it off in a disabled toilet where I give him a bj and he fingers me or where we have proper sex. Is it normal that we both love having intercourse no matter where we are? You are a lucky girl. Perhaps you could suck his cock whilst he is sitting in the driver's seat of his car.

Fingering is like jumpstarting a car for the average person.

I strive to be a good person. I realised this as I watched a play recently. Or at least wanting almost everyone to want to fuck you.

Is it normal that my boyfriend fingers me in public

Sexual Health. He lays on his back and I lay on my side while I give him oak and he fongers me and stares at my vagina while he does it. Why does he do this?

But how often do we hear the nitty-gritty of how we can actually better understand our deepest desires and most embarrassing questions? Bustle has enlisted Vanessa Marin, a sex therapist , to help us out with the details. No gender, sexual orientation, or question is off limits, and all questions will remain anonymous. I know most women love being fingered, but I've never enjoyed it that much. I don't think I've ever had a partner that was very good at it.

Girl on the Net

I'm 14 and still a virgin, but my boyfriend fingers me and gives me oral sex. For a couple of weeks, my vagina has been itchy and red, and it hurts when I touch it. I don't feel comfortable talking to my mom about this. What should I do? Friction and pressure from fingering or oral sex can cause irritation in the sensitive genital area. But itching and redness that lasts for a couple of weeks also could be a sign of an infection that could get worse if it isn't treated. So you should get checked out by a doctor or nurse practitioner. Don't want to get into details with your mom?

Dec 16, - Fingering a girl and knowing how to finger a girl properly can be confusing, but avoid any of these 19 fingering mistakes and you will make her come. Bad fingering was understandable back then, but we should be older and wiser now, thanks Urrr excuse me sir, did you forget to put your finger in me?

Maybe you should guide him rather than faking an orgasm which is lame. It would be the best option for both of you. Through no fault of the man's some women have trouble reaching orgasm in certain ways. I know of a woman who was molested as a child and can now only reach an orgasm when she is on top! Its not real fair for her hubby but its just the way things go.

My boyfriend asked if he could finger me. Do guys actually like to finger girls?

He pinned my arms above my head, 50 Shades style, and I got hickies all down my chest. So tonight he started teasing me, making me wet. He pulled my panties down, putting his dick on my pussy. Then he grabbed my waist and bent me over and fucked me sooo good, he even made me call him daddy…GOD I love him.






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